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Blog Hopping

I’m a new kid on the blog block and so I appreciate this ingenious way to meet other bloggers. It’s called “The Weekend Meet and Greet” and is hosted by Michele at her “all things Michele” blog site.

How it works: Leave a comment on the Meet and Greet entry, such as “hello Michele.” Then go to the name above your comment and hit the link to their site. Leave another comment there, ending with “Michele sent me.” Soon your own site is in the pool of possibility and you will be visited by new blog friends, more than once if you choose to play the game more than once. And just see if you can contain your curiosity and not visit back the people who visited you. See what I mean by blog hopping?

Michele’s blog is a blast! It’s full of interactive games, such as word association, finish the sentence, the daily three things, and site of the day, and other daily comment games. She’s all about spreading what she calls “comment cheer.” And it works. When she visited my site recently and left me a comment, I was not only cheered, but elated because, as far as I’m concerned, Michele is a celebrity in the world of blogs. Her enthusiasm is contagious.


Hi Colleen! I feel the same way about Michele's site, it's a wonderful place, full of fun. I've made a few new friends there myself, and am glad of it!

Oh yes....

Hello, Michele sent me! Great site you have, by the way.

Happy Easter!!
I haven't been too much into the blog scene, but since you started yours I have been getting a little more interested. I checked out Michele's blog and it does look like fun. Send more xo

Helo Colleen,
Thank you so much for your very kind words. I am happy that your blog is being discovered by so of my favourite virtual friends; simply because your blog deserves to be read by many. I am also happy that you are enjoying my silly and fun comment games.

Have a glorious Sunday. Again, thank you!

Hi Colleen, I'm in total agreement with you about Michele's blog. Thanks for stopping by my place again today in answer to your question the English weather is reverting back to the usual...the sun refused to make an appearance today and it's supposed to rain tomorrow!

I'm also a big fan of Michele, but I came here via a link from Fragments from Floyd. Bloghopping is my new favorite hobby and I wish I could figure out a way to make a living doing it. I like yours very much.

terrilynn, have you checked out David St. Lawrence's site ripples.typepad.com? He writes quite a bit about the potential of making a living at blogging.

And then you get so caught up in visiting you forget where you've been and then forget to blogroll the good ones and when you do remember you end up with a ton and can't get to them all because it take 6 hours to read that much!!! Is that what you call a run-on sentence? ;0) thanks for the visit back...I love readingyour stuff! I'll be back as often as I can!!

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