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Chris and Alina

chrisdeerheart.jpgChris played the flute at my husband Joe’s and my wedding and has led traditional sweat lodges for years. A longtime self-employed craftsperson, Chris, aka Deerheart, is known for his handcrafted flutes, drums, rattles, and lanterns. These days he’s focusing his creative talents on one-of-a-kind wooden bowls and furniture.

Alina has a prose piece in “The Wemoon Journal” 2006 about marrying herself, a ceremony of which I was in attendance, and which took place before she and Chris became a couple. She’s a spirit-inspired painter of vibrant proportions who generously shares Abraham-Hicks CDs (“The Art of Allowing”) with other interested Floydians. She belly dances, and sometimes walks on stilts. alina.jpg

Joe and I went to their house for dinner. It was the 4th night of Hanukkah. We wanted to spend some time with them before they left for the Yucatan and then to Florida for a couple of months. With the menorah on the kitchen table half lit, we ate shrimp, salad, and spicy mashed potatoes before retiring to living room where, surrounded by the warm glow of Alina’s colorful art, we sipped peppermint tea and engaged in some lively conversation.

Post note: To view more of Alina’s art, visit her website at http://www.alinaever.com/. She can be reached at alinaever@yahoo.com. Chris's contact is cdeerheart@yahoo.com.


Good Morning, dear Colleen...
A very happy January 2nd, 2006 to you....(January 2nd already????)

Sounds like your friends are incredibly creative and productive....I went to see more of Alina's Paintings and they are quite fascinating!

I dearly hope that 2006 will be a Wonderfully Healthy, Happy & Prosperous year for you and yours, dear Colleen!

What cool people you hang out with. I need to use a sweatlodge.

Alina's paintings are awesome.

Sharing dinner with friends is a very good thing.

Floyd sounds like the coolest place!

You have awesome friends.

You really would love Floyd. Lots of homeschooling, homebirthing, and homegrowing going on here. And we have one of the best Health Food stores in the state. I've heard that some have found Floyd through discovering the numbers of tofu they sell.

A cool place with much warmth!

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