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Birthday Scrabble at the Café Del Sol

maradove.jpgEven though Mara can beat me at Scrabble about as often as I can beat her, I offered to let her win, seeing as it was her birthday, but she would have no part of it. As it turned out, she could have used some concessions. She was doomed from the start…because of the letter Z.

We were drawing to see who would go first when Mara, frustrated, said to me and our fellow players – Rosemary and Kathleen – “I drew a Z. I saw a Z, but now I don’t see it. It must have fallen back in the bag!”

I got off on the wrong foot too, by playing a fake word on my very first turn. Nobody noticed until it was too late, so I was stuck feeling guilty, like a Scrabble imposter, for most of the game.

I even convinced myself that I knew what my fake word meant. I was thinking of “joe,” (a regular guy) when I played “jim” and told myself it meant something in between a shim and a jimmy. Kathleen was having no part of that.

Meanwhile, it was Mara’s birthday. Her dad, Wayne, came and ate lunch with us. When I climbed around behind the couch and the potted fir tree to snap a picture of him, Kathleen joked that I was trying to see her letters! Sally, the cafe owner who is also a professional singer, came over to sing “Happy Birthday” to Mara. She asked Mara how old she was at the same exact moment that I was reporting my score to Rosemary. “23!” I announced.

“23! Mara repeated…unconvincingly.

As the game was winding down, the winning score was between me and Rosemary. I had mostly only one point vowels left and if I was to win, it would be only by a matter of a few points, so I had to be careful. By the time it was down to only one play left, I was studying the board hard, looking for big point letters that I could parasite off. That’s when I noticed it. marabday2.jpg

“Hey! Where is the Z?!” I shouted. “There is no Z on this board!!”

Mara had seen a Z. It was the same one that was now under her chair.

1. Mara, holding her Scrabble mug, says “Peace.” She and Dove are looking at “Mara’s Birthday Scrabble Game” posted on my blog that day. 2. Covertly looking at Kathleen’s letters via my camera, while trying to catch Wayne. 3. Rosemary, Kathleen, Mara, and me. Mara is not giving you the finger. She’s holding the infamous letter Z to her head.


Michele sent me, Colleen.

It sounds like Mara wasn't on top of her game. When you get a "Z" you just don't let it out of your sight--especially when some players are so competitive that they'll pretend to be taking pictures just to get a glimpse into what letters the others are holding. Jim, indeed!

Oh, Floyd's Scrabble Wars!

Do you know the poet Thomas Lynch? I heard him a couple weeks ago and am reading one of his books of prose now. He was an engaging lecturer, throwing in bits of poetry throughout.

I don't know Thomas Lynch, Sage. But I just googled his name and found out he is a "poet, essayist, and funeral director!" Interesting!

Sounds like a great day! You have such great friends.

This is a hoot, Colleen. I had a good laugh. Great pictures too.
PS: Love your bangs!!!

What a nice group of friends:) I would love to be able to get together with friends for a game of scrabble but I guess that will come when my shutes and ladder game days are over:)Happy Birthday to your friend:)

Losing the Z sounds like something my buddy Sharon would do!

What a cute post and I love the pic of you guys...Mara is a hoot!

Great fun BD party.

Sounds like you all have fun, whether you play Scrabble or not. Wish I could join a game.

Sounds like a fun time was had by all. Maybe you were thinking about a "slim jim". Isn't that what they call that metal thingy that slips down by the window to let criminals and others unlock the door?

oooh i'm a pretty competetive scrabbler. but cheating by hiding the letters??!! i'm not in your league! i like the z.

I haven't played scrabble in way too long, but you guys sure play by different rules. I will have to remember not to get snookered if I every play out that way.

I am so jealous. I wanna play!!

This sounds like such a fun afternoon.. filled with friends, laughter, and letters.

Hello, word woman,
I'm done with my course and so is mara I would believe so let's plan a play date. I'd love to word for a while with both of you... others, too.

How fun! I so enjoy a good scrabble game and the only person I know who will play with me is my husband. He often tried to throw "fake" words in so I keep the dictionary handy. Do y'all challenge each other's words? What a blessing to have a group of women friends who enjoy scrabble. :-)

Carpe Diem!

We play like The Millionaire, with a few lifelines. You can read more about our "rules" Here...http://www.looseleafnotes.com/notes/2005/08/watch_your_ps_and_qs.html I have a SCRABBLE category on my sidebar for all my posts about playing Scrabble with Mara and others that you might enjoy.

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