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And The Winners Are …

1. Most Confident
2. Most Improved
3. Most Daring
4. Most Studious
5. Most Stylish
6. Most Improvised
7. Most Patient Audience


It was a fun day.......Now I wish I had entered the contest. LOVE the captions and love you! xoxoxoxo

She, I think you were in the blueberry patch when all this happened! (just kidding...see yesterday's post). More photos coming as the week goes on... but so many of mine from the actual wedding didn't come out. I'm bummed out. xo!

Great photos...lol Sure looks like it was fun and I bet I haven't seen a hoola hoop since the late 50's.

I need a rest after so much hip movement, lol! what fun!

I love it - everyone gets a title.


What an awesome group of friends you have!! I don't think I could convince anyone I know to do the hoola hoop, though they'd be more than happy to watch me whirl around. :)

Great shots and captions! I can identify with "Most Improvised." Re your note: I hadn't thought about the Old Man of the Mountains in the clouds -- very cool observation!

Ah, a hoola hoop contest. Please say they had the little gravels in them so the hoop made the little swooshing sound. That was what I wanted more than anything in the world when I was seven. A pink and white striped one with the magic swooshing sound.

Yes, the hoop swishes!

Family members pictured are: Great Niece Samantha, me, husband Joe, brother in law Nelson, oldest son Josh, sister Kathy.

Your life just keeps going on. I can't keep up. Must promise to visit more often! You guys sure know how to have fun.

You know the best thing about coming here? I never know what to expect. And I am always glad I visited.


Ahhhh, the GREAT SUMMER HULA HOOP CONTEST of 2006! everybody should try it at least once, huh?

Very cool post - I love it!
Like Sherry, I'm wishing I had joined in too, instead of just running the stop watch. Col - you were the actual winner because we stopped the watch at a minute but you went until at least two! Hate to burst Josh' bubble...

what fabulous pictures!!! i do the neck one too it makes you adopt the most peculiar acial and neck expressions no? the hooplets love it!
and gorgeous wedding memories below too.
congratulations all.

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