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Weekend Wedding Highlights

My son Dylan and Alexis are married! Alexis’ sister was the Maid of Honor and my son Josh was the Best Man.
This is my husband Joe’s sister, Maryanne, and me at the rehearsal dinner. Notice the framed picture behind us.
Why do they always have to play the twist at wedding receptions? My sister Kathy and her granddaughter Samantha didn’t mind.
Josh is vying for the hula hoop contest title at the family cook-out that Joe and I hosted the next day.
It’s Josh’s birthday! We all helped him make a wish for the Red Sox to win the World Series this year.
Then everyone did their own thing.
My sister, Sherry, loves blueberries! Is this why Josh got a carrot cake for his birthday instead of his traditional blueberry pie?

Post Notes:
Congratulations to Dylan and Alexis! Happy Birthday Josh! More wedding photos can be viewed at my niece Chrissie’s site, HERE.


You don't look old enough to have two grown sons! The picture of you and your hub's sister with your mouth open was so funny. I can see myself feeling the same way in a few years, when my daughter gets married. That is, after she goes to college and gets the job and does all the other things I have planned for her. (j/k);)

Congrats to Dyland and his new wife! And a happy Bday to Josh as well. :) Here's to a great future for all of you!

Well, I don't tend to post the pictures that make me look old, but I do have a few of those! Did you check out the picture hanging behind Maryanne and me?

Congrats on the wedding! Look like it was a great one.

Looks like it was a great wedding, Colleen! What a handsome bride and groom...her gown was gorgeous.
And don't you look elegant as Mother of the Groom....very nice.
I enjoyed the photos, so thanks for sharing them here.

Well if it was anything other than a happy, festive event you would never know by the pictures! You guys look like you are having so much fun.
Congrats to the new bride and groom. They both looked gorgeous. And I hope the birthday wish for Josh comes true too! I like Boston myself.

Congratulations to the bride and groom, may they celebrate their 50th with family and friends. And Happy Birthday to the older brother as well. Looks like a great time was had by all.

Colleen, it appears to have been a wonderful wedding! You all seemed to be having so much fun, as it should be at weddings and rehearsal dinners. Congrats to Dylan and the bride and Happy Birthday to Josh!

I will have to ask my daughter if Cochran is the right name - but it sure sounds right to me. Of course I am trying to remember back 25 years...LOL
Nice to know Dylan went to camp there too. Great traditions run in families!!

Looks like a wonderful time! Congrats again. Beautiful couple. :)

Looks like a wonderful festive, full weekend.

This was a very full family weekend, Colleen...A Beautiful Wedding; A Wonderful Birthday; And a Family Cookout! I love all the pictures and was hoping you would be posting some...You did not disappoint!
And through the Michele connction I happened on your nieces blog and so emjoyed the pictures I saw...I wi;; go back because it sounds like there are more, now!
So happy for you and your family that the whole weekend was a fabulous one.

A wonderful weekend for weddings, indeed! Your family gatherings look like they were all that they should be; the hoop contest is excellent!

What fun! Glad it was a beautiful day and not RAINING!

Sounds like a beautiful and fun wedding!! congrats to the handsome couple! Love the picture with your SIL :¬O

Congratulations all around!! What an awesome post, you brought a huge smile to my face, I love seeing people having a good time in good company.

Great shots. The one with your mouths open is precious. Adding my Red Sox wish to the others....

Lovely wedding photos here and there.

Great photos. Fun family, obviously. Congrats again!

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