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Second Annual Chateau Morrisette Easter Brunch

It’s the only place I drink tea and wine at the same time. The Winery was where I first discovered sachet pyramid tea, and I look forward to sipping it whenever I’m back. I usually don’t order wine because it tends to make me feel tired, but Sweet Mountain Laurel is different. Light, sweet, with a fresh grapey taste, I can drink it like well water.
Last year, we knew we were in the right place to celebrate Easter in style when we saw the orchid colored orchids in the Winery lobby and were greeted by the familiar Floyd faces of people we know who work there. This year the faces were still familiar and friendly and the orchids were white.
The Chateau Morrisette Restaurant, which once housed the whole winery, is where Joe and I celebrated our wedding with our family and community. A few years later, Joe worked as a timber framer when the new Winery building was being built.
We had worked preparing the garden all morning and were ready to be pampered. I had quiche with a perfect pastry crust, garden and pesto pasta salad, bacon, and home fries. Joe had lamb with all the fixings. Once we were full, I took a deep breath and let the warm glow of wine take hold while my eyes soaked up the sun drenched room full of people wearing bright Easter colors.
A big draw of the Chateau Morrisette Easter Brunch for me is the desserts. It’s the reason we started the Easter Brunch tradition. I was sad not to have any kids doing Easter egg hunts anymore. Sampling the desserts at the buffet table was like seeing what the Easter Bunny brought for me. This year the Winery Easter Baker put a smile on the face of the girl that lives in me.


Oooh, it would me, too! I love that tea, I think. It is called "Tea of Life?" I have bought 24 pyramids twice because it is so good!

oh, i would love this place! beautiful and peaceful surroundings, and it sounds like the food is very tasty. i love the photo of the flowers - and, aren't you cute as a button sipping away?! :)

Delicious! Both the food and the atmosphere. I like going there for brunch or lunch so much more than dinner so that I can sit out on the deck to eat.

Wine makes me sleepy, too! You look pretty with that tigerlilly tucked behind your ear. Sounds like you two had a great Easter Sunday. (ps, I left a comment for you on my site)

I like that photo of you wearing the lily. After such a relaxing and beautiful day, I almost hate to mentions this ... but I really think you would want to read some of the articles I've posted here:

I am so glad you had a good Easter. xo

Sherry, the wine was like Lake Niagara. I know you remember that.

I love to hear that the girl from Hull is smiling! Sounds like you've established a wonderful Easter tradition

A very nice day indeed! I enjoy reading about your adventures.

what a very cute lady you are... love the flower in your hair.

we toured this winery when we were in floyd last summer. we went on father's day and they had live music on the lawn, too. it's funny b/c i think my son was the most fascinated on the tour. it's such a beautiful place.

Oh My is that coconut cake? And, maybe key lime pie??? Sounds wonderful and you had my mouth watering!!!

You're good! It's a coconut fridge cake made from a 1950's recipe, we were told, a lime square, and Italian wedding cookies. I never figured out what the swirl cup was. Even tasting it didn't help me.

Michele sent me over from the site of the day to say that I know my coconut cake!!! And, I forgot to tell you that you look lovely with flowers in your hair!

That looks really nice Colleen. Maybe Martin and I can do that one year. I'm glad you posted on it. Red wine makes me stuffy and tired but I can do little amounts. Whites I love but I can get too buzzed if I am not careful. I like the Angel at Morrisette. Very light and airy. Joe looks about like poor Martin as far as being enthused about having his pic on the Blog!

Shoulda put a flower behind his ear.

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