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This Could be the Next Chicken Soup for the Soul

notebookco2l.jpg I enjoy the distillation of words. I believe less is best, and when writing I try to leave out the parts that most people skip (as recommended by novelist Elmore Leonard). I love the one line poem, the picture that's worth a thousand words, and cutting back the rose so more blooms will grow. But the meme Pearl recently tagged me for – to write a six word memoir – was a challenge I initially tried to avoid because it seemed nearly impossible to abbreviate my life to that degree.

The meme was inspired by the book, Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous & Obscure, which was inspired by Hemingway’s alleged six word story, “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.” The book is a collection of almost 1,000 six word memoirs, including those of celebrities, such as Steven Colbert. “Well, I thought it was funny,” his reads. Other ones I like, found at the Smith Magazine website, where the memoirs were culled from: “Anything is possible with an extension cord,” Billy Sirr; “Proof that potheads can be somebody,” by Green Bean; and "Manhattan raised. Three kids? Hello, Jersey," by Dano.

Maybe this is cheating. I wrote more than one memoir. Read together; could be a poem. Everything is suspect; counting every word.

Once I started, I couldn’t stop:
Six word memoirs in sixteen parts

Backseat poet; the muse is driving
Gidget goes Woodstock; ends up country

Barefoot homebody; gets lost in cities
Still hangs laundry on the line

Techno phobic blogger mainlines computer
Is there rehab for tea drinkers?

Love me but leave me alone
Doesn’t do knick knacks or math

Fifty-six and never been in high-heels
Lies about age; just one year

College drop out; flunked middle class
I’d rather be looking through kaleidoscopes

Field note taker; writes on hand
Yields to children; brakes for flowers

Always preparing the ultimate travel wardrobe
Time to turn over; I’m done

I’m tagging Deana, Claudia, Bonnie, and Country Dew, June, and you. No one should feel the need to write as many as I did. Most players have just written one.


This is great. It does read like a poem.

I adore 6 word stories. So our task is to write our memoir in 6 words sections? I'm on it. I also believe less words are more - I despise adverbs and their cousins adjectives. Hello Thesaurus! :)

Thanks this will be fun! :)

I like the one about braking for flowers and children.

I just wrote some of my own, too, because I had seen Jennifer at Chapter Next do them and it helped me through writing a paper!!

I have a couple about being a mountain girl, too!!

I loved yours! But they have more than 6 words in them.
Here is mine:
1. Service to others with family included.

2. Middle child of the 60's; blonde and somewhat naive.

3. caring, staring, daring with some flaring and blaring.

I love these memoirs...think I'll recommend this exercise for our writers group.

What can I say about myself in six words? think, think, think, this is hard!


OH MY...I was going to come back when I decided on six words and just realized that my last comment:

Think, think, think, this is hard!

IS six words. lol


Here's the six-word memoir I wrote in February:

internal dialogue
discovered blogging
shared dialogue

I posted it on my Words from a Wordsmith blog:

Colleen, may I link this post with your (many) memoirs to my Weekend Wordsmith prompt of Six-Word Memoirs? Here's the link, if you want to check it out:

I liked your very first six-word memoir, which could apply equally to my blogging:

Once I started,
I couldn’t stop

Ooooh, and I especially like the idea that you "flunked middle class" ... wonderful!

Yes, Bonnie on linking here. I was able to retrieve your comment from the spam folder. When you use http links in comments it sometimes thinks you a spammer.

Isn't this fun? I have a couple posted at Bonnie's:

observing life, hiking along nature's footpath

recapturing youth, playing with the grandkids

Have a great weekend!

Forgot to say: LOVE yours!

College drop out; flunked middle class
I’d rather be looking through kaleidoscopes


Thanks, Susan. My mind hasn't stopped counting my thoughts.

Thanks for playing, Sherry. I was trying to think of one to cover being one of nine and loving Joe, but they haven't come yet. At least I got my love of children in there and glad to see Poe liked that one. Coming to visit, Poe(t), my mountain/beach friend.

As far as I can count, She. All mine are six words, except one I just now noticed was five.

You have been immortalized among the other memoirists, here:

Sometimes, even without a single blue link, your editor thinks I'm spam. Don't know why.

I had done this meme a while back! I wrote:

read as much as I can

I know that is no memoir but what else?!

Got here from Michele's M&G!

going on being,living a vision

Michele sent me. I owe her.
I wrote long. I lived well.

I think I could also go on for a while, but I'll keep it brief - just to be sure.

Thanks for the literary smile, Colleen. I can always count on you for that, and so much more.

These are just WONDERFUL Colleen....You are a Genius at this, I swear...lol! And they all could be a whole poem.....! I don't think I could do this, at all! So, I'm not even going to try!

"Embraced it all, loved it all"

sandy kessler

going on being, it's nothing special

These are terrific Colleen! You are the most clever person I know. The only thing I've come up with so far is:

She questioned everything and answered nothing.

But now you've got me thinking about it like a song that gets into your head...

I had a list started and had actually read a few to Martin because I had seen this going on in Blogworld and I lost it, but I remember my main one. Yours were great...very creative.

Those are great, Colleen. Now I have to think of something ... hmm. Life is short, I make do.

I'll have to return to you.

Good grief, now I am rhyming.

I wouldn't hve expected anything less than this masterpiece from you on this project. It was like eating potato chips for me, too - no way I could satisfy myself with just one!

I had seen this before and never thought I could do just so few words. I love how you did it with a collection. Very nicely done.

My tombstone will read:
What a ride! To be continued...

I really enjoyed "Field note taker; writes on hand
Yields to children; brakes for flowers" this story. Made me think...I felt like I could relate. Thanks for that :)

I moldiness say this blog is awing. I was wondering is there anything that our journal grouping would do for people from State ?

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