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The 13 Thursday Playlist

13ipod2s.jpg1. Hung-over with fun from the wedding on Saturday, I dragged myself to a Woman’s Clothing Exchange the next day. Over a dozen women came and dumped piles of clothes all over my friend Penny’s living room for a real Filenes’s Basement experience. I didn’t have the energy to organize a fashion show shot of all of us in our newly acquired recycled clothes like I did at the last one HERE.

2. Isn’t it ironic that you need your glasses in order to see well enough to find your glasses?

3. What ever happened to the Crash Test Dummies? I found their website and discovered that they’re still making music, but none of it has had the same commercial success that God Shuffled His Feet had. The song that plays on their website seems to tell it all: I’m laying down … I’m playing dead … I ain’t fetching any stick … No way baby.

4. Remember Wavy Gravy, the clown at Woodstock, famous for saying what we have in mind is breakfast for 400,000? I met Wavy a few years back when he was in Floyd and was MC-ing FloydFest. He’s still a clown and went around the festival with a toy alligator on a leash.

5. Where else but in Floyd could you learn from an old-timer how to forage ginseng one day and then meet Wavy Gravy, the Woodstock clown with an ice-cream flavor named after him, in town for Floyd Fest the next? ~ From Homegrown, a WVTF Radio Essay HERE.

6. I was invited by Poetkat to do a meme in which I name seven songs that are shaping my summer. Not counting the wood thrush and other birdsong, I’ve been listening to my brand new playlist, started when Joe got me my first Ipod for my birthday in May. Songs include: Tomorrow People by Ziggy Marley, It’s in the Way that You Use It by Eric Clapton, Mr. Jones by Counting Crows, My Favorite Mistake by Sheryl Crow, Good People by Jack Johnson, Building a Mystery by Sarah Mclachlan, Back to the Garden by Neil Young, and Your Life is Now John Mellencamp. How about you?

7. I’ve recently been curious about Tim Russert’s playlist, after I read something referring to it online. I’m pretty sure it included music by Bruce Springsteen. It was no secret that Russert liked the Boss, and, judging by the tribute that Springsteen gave to Russert at his Memorial Service HERE, Springsteen liked Russert too.

8. I have an affinity for both Russert and Springsteen. They’re both my age, and like me, both came from working class Catholic families in the northeast. Russert was Irish Catholic and Springsteen is Irish/Italian Catholic. No wonder they both always felt so familiar.

9. I consider certain songs at certain times in my life as “medicine songs,” and I use them to raise energy. I manifested my husband Joe by singing and dancing to Steve Winwood’s Higher Love over and over. When I told my sister Tricia this, she said she also manifested her husband with the same song. Her friend, who was single at the time, wanted to try it, so we played it and sang and danced together. Tricia’s friend is married now.

10. I think of George Carlin as the Willie Nelson of comedy. Both were/are progressives with ponytails, and both were/are undeniably recognizable as one-of-a-kind in their genres. After George Carlin died, Jon Stewart said, "I'm getting awfully tired of people we need, leaving us.” Carlin's humor and insight will be missed.

11. I learned what’s on Barrack Obama’s playlist while watching Charlie Rose on Tuesday night. Rolling Stone editor Jann Wenner was on the show and had just interviewed Barrack for the magazine. He reported that Barrack had 30 Bob Dylan songs on his IPod, along with some Earth Wind and Fire and Yo-Yo Ma.

12. This year’s FloydFest is July 24-27. Check out the music roster HERE. And HERE are two past FloydFest posts in which my friend Johanna (whose wedding I just went to) and her ponytail figure in.

13. Rock the boat with your cursor HERE, compliments of my sister Sherry.

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#2 - Yes it is! I hate being dependent on the darned things!
#3 - Showing my uncoolness...I first thought this point was about actual test dummies
#5 - Where else but Floyd, indeed!
#9 - Great term "medicine songs" ...I think I'll make such a playlist on my ipod
#10- Well said, Jon!!

Most creative list so far!!!!

Mines up and and I am promoting an easy contest with prizes from our Disney Cruise for my hubby, hope you will visit!

Hmmm...instead of listening to Zeppelin over and over, now I see my mistake :-)

Love the Jon Stewart quote!

I am loving your #6!

Floydfest sounds like a blast!

Great songs all. Saint Nick has some stunning black and white photos of our songsters on his blog yesterday...

While in the mood to design , I left you another prestigious hee hee award on my blog.today.....How's the foot?and Bryce the handsome?

Love, your list, Colleen! More importantly, please tell me what it means to "manifest" your husband. Is it something I need to do? We're always looking for things to make life interesting and both of us love to sing and dance. Sounds like great fun.
Lots of birdsong in my backyard at the moment, coupled with the scratchings of squirrels. I converted our old satellite dish into a peanut feeder and it's a regular free-for-all out there!

Floyd sounds like a place I would very much enjoy. Maybe I'll get there some day.


Foot is coming around but I've been left with a big bump that looks like a cyst at the injury site. Scar tissue I assume. I haven't seen Bryce lately. I have to look at the video like the rest of you! I actually babysat about a week ago. I have another date with him in late July, but hope to see him once before that.

Manifest means to bring into being. I was singing and dancing to Higher Love before I even met the higher love of my life, Joe. I guess we could keep singing it together for an even higher experience?

I love your notion of "medicine songs". Now that I think of it, I must have manifested my first love by singing a dance mix song called "Rescue Me" that was overlayed on top of "For Elyse".

Or maybe not! Now that I think of it a little more, that a**hole did the exact opposite of rescuing me. He almost put me under!!

But still, a really interesting idea. I'm going to have to think about this a little more...

Interesting 13. Mine is Eat, Drink and be Merry - 13 Last Words, Excerpt: Judaism instructs us to enjoy the simple gifts that God gives in the present world. Eat, drink and be merry. Enjoy this life, on this Earth, in this time. I have collected for your enjoyment the last words of some of our more famous fellow human beings involving food or drink before they died.

I love the Crash Test Dummies - and basically they crashed. The lead singer/creative force had a melt down, couldn't get along with anyone and the fell flat on their faces. He says that he's going to do another album but that remains to be seen. They are awesome though.

I wondered why Joe is so magical - You created him from the ether! :)

This is the most ingenius list I've seen so far. And trust me I've read a lot of these today. :) Happy TT!

Great TT, as always. You have a super-duper creative brain.

For a while there I thought I was the only one who knew who the Crast Test Dummies were. So good to know I'm not alone!

2. yes. although my blue frames help out.

do you guys collect the clothes for a clothes bank for the county or do you all just try them on and take what fits?

we have been so very sad about russert's death and miss him every day. i cannot even imagine this election without him and his input.

remember willie's 4th of july picnics? wonder if he is still doing them.

They are our own clothes that we recycle around. We clean out our closets and bring them to trade.

Were you laughing at the scrabble award which I did as a joke ?/I couldn't tell. Speaking of clothes. I could do without..playing some Dylan at the moment and Willie - longing to see some wildflowers from up there. That's what I miss the mot..sk

Thanks for the Scrabble Award! I think I should wear a floppy hat next time I play and take a picture for you, next to some wildflowers.

Love all the songs you picked for you IPOD.
I am back. LOVE YOU xo

Love no. 6 as well...but I love all of them, to tell you the truth. I've kicked off a my99 playlist challenge at my site...join in the fun! I think you'll enjoy it!

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