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The Class Picture

One is a General in the Marines, another is a massage therapist. Two are hairdressers and about four are Vietnam Vets. There is a salesman, a store owner, and a professional dancer who came all the way from Spain. The thing I like most about the Hull High Class of ‘68 is that most of us like to dance. I put in a request for Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT before I left Virginia and, thanks to my friend Paul who helped to organize the reunion, the DJ played it. The dancer from Spain tried to coordinate us to do some choreographed steps on the dance floor. She inspired the dance improv enthusiast and the Surf Ballroom dancer in me. When I asked her is she was still dancing professionally, she laughed and said, “Well, I’m 58 like the rest of you! What do you think?”

Can you pick out the Spanish Dancer and me, her sidekick?


That's a pretty good looking group! I went to my 20th reunion back in 1990 and vowed I'd never go to another. I suspect though that your class was a lot more bonded than ours.

she is showing her leg, and in the photo you are to the right of her, dressed in black, is my guess. sounds like you are having fun! how many of your class actually came? my class was about 430 (just girls). our high school was segregated by sex! there were that many senior boys around the corner in their own school! we got to visit each other's schools about twice a year - for ROTC color guard parades and for a fund raising project. oh, and they could sell their newspaper in our front hallway each month. now imagine how many of the girls were really boy crazy - never seeing them except in after school functions! due to the size of the classes graduation took a very longggggggg time!

You guessed right, Sky.

I've known most of my graduating class since kindergarten or grade school. Our class was small enough (only a little over 100 I think) that we all share a formative bond, even between those who never spoke to each other in high school. All the cliques etc. have fallen away.

The turnout was the lowest yet. I'd guess about 30 showed up but it was small enough to get around and visit with everyone and have fun. I missed seeing the people who didn't come and love the freestyle dancing.

Front row, third and fourth from the right?

I'm headed to my 50th reunion next week! I can't wait.

Only 13 in my graduating class...yes, it was a very small town.

Oh Yes! I see you and I see her, to....That "dancers stance" is unmistakeable....! Sounds like you had a good time! When I went to my 40th..(the only reunion I ever went to) I thought the Women looked quite wonderful---Some had had enhancement from Plastic Surgery, I know, which made it hard to tell how they acyually had held up...And the men, on the whole, did NOT hold up well, at all....Of Course there were exceptions, but in general...most of the men were much heavier and looked really old and unrecogenizable....! Did you find that to be the case, in Hull?

I forgot to say....Next year, 2009, it will be 60 years since we all graduated from High School. I don't know if there is a reunion planned or not...! Hard to believe...SIXTY YEARS!

Where's Fish & Freddie Lightman?? I can't seem to recognize them anywhere. Sending love! xo

Fish was there but I can't spot him either. Freddie Lightman, not.

Well she certainly can throw a pose! I want to see your next blog photo in a pose that dramatic!

My thirtieth high school reunion is coming up. That's wild. I'm still young, aren't I? I'm still dancing!


I was posed like her but by the time the picture actually got shot I had lost my nerve for it.

All so important - those paths they took !! sandy Like your outfit above!! sk

Colleen....this is great. It's awesome for you to share your vacation. Wait till you receive Paul's CD of you and Sharon dancing.
It's fun. I'm so glad you came.

I can't wait to see the CD. I had a blast and running into you and others (Mark G) on the beach was an added bonus.

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