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Gone to the Circus

cdsolten2t.jpg In 1982, a troupe of young street performers mixed with the crowd of tourists, artists and collectors in Baie-Saint-Paul, the Mecca of Quebec painters … Walking on stilts, the entertainers juggled and breathed fire. Inspired by the vacationers’ obvious delight, the performers organized the Baie-Saint-Paul entertainer’s festival, where the public witnessed the beginning of what would soon become Cirque du Soleil … a striking dramatic mix of the circus arts (without animals) and street performance featuring wild, outrageous costumes, magical lighting and original music. ~ From the Kooza program.
It all started with a kite-flying clown and the special delivery of an oversized package. Under the big top tent, a jack-in-box joker jumped out of the box. Confetti shot from a cannon. It fluttered down spotlight beams, raining color on the audience. Contortionists struck kaleidoscope poses. A man from the audience was pick-pocketed. A woman found herself eight feet high when her chair sprung up, shocking those around her. The best clowns in town, one with a crown and a magic wand, kept our funny bones tickled.

Sitting on the edge of my chair, I watched stilt walkers make high jumps off a trampoline. colk.jpgTwo horned devil men emerged from a fiery red and smoke filled background and defied the wheel of death. With a crick in my neck from looking up, I saw the tightrope walkers riding on bikes and a trapeze artist swing high, spin, and hang. Fantastic gymnastics of tumbles and flips and a man balancing on one arm on a tower of chairs got our attention. A juggler, a unicycler, skeletons danced and Keystone cops chased clowns and robbers.

By the power of sound effects that tinkle, zing, and boieng; with sleight of hands, fanfare, and glitter; we were all enchanted and thoroughly entertained.

Post notes: Joe and I were graciously invited by friends to see Cirque du Soleil perform Kooza in the (new) National Harbor area of Washington D.C. Saturday night. I snapped a few shots (second one) without a flash before a circus staff member alerted me that all picture taking was against the rules. That's me in the last shot in the VIP club lounge tent where we hung out (or upside down), eating, drinking, and socializing, before the show and during the intermission. A brief video clip of the show is HERE.


i assume you enjoyed yourself immensely! great pics.

I don't have to ask how you liked it...I know you did because everyone loves CdS! I'm impressed you got into the VIP lounge...

It is excellent that you got a few pics.
I love the circus.
Remember when I had my baby shower at your house. Billy was bringing me to see you first before we went. I was impatient and then........SURPRISE!!! was at your house and I had my first baby shower. I was surprised and all, but then I said, "So we're not going to the circus?"

I don't remember that but am trying to remember once when some of us went into Boston to see a circus. I only barely remember it and am wondering who went. I won't forget this circus experience because it was so memorable. It was more like a play or opera on acid.

The VIIP tent experience felt like being at an avante garde city club. Our friends who gifted us were very generous.

I have a video clip to download when I catch my breath.

Hi Colleen....Netchick sent me.....or was it Michelle?

Wow, I'd love to go see CDS. I live in a small town so it would require a trip to the big city.
Have a great day!

I'm glad you had fun. I would like to see that sometime.

Hi Colleen!

I'm in awe of the photos... beautiful. I totally enjoyed CDS each time I've seen it (in Vegas, on a cruise, and the full show last year in Vancouver)

I'll try to get the commentluv fixed for you today. Please see my comment on my blog for deets.

Thanks again for playing along... NetChick (that's me!) sent me by!

I have never seen Cirque du Soleil, but do recall the fantastic show they put on at the Olympic Ceremonies in Albertville. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'll take a look at the clip.


How exciting I love Cirque Du Suleil. I have been wanting to see Zoomanity..I have no idea how to spell that. So you have been off traveling again! Good for you. This looks like great fun.

Opera on acid seems like a perfect description to me - wide eyed and bushy tailed up here from your description. Glad you had fun! I think we would enjoy the Beatles one - Love - I think it is called?

i want to join in your company

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