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A Marathon May Weekend

A photo shoot of the 3rd annual Tour de Floyd, with 98 riders cycling 63 miles (mostly) on the Blue Ridge Parkway to benefit the Floyd Rescue Squad.
A weed walk with Thrivalist Frank Cook, who taught us what we could eat from the land surrounding the library parking lot.
A story on the latest Young Actors Coop play about a Boy Band with fake British accents, their groupies, their evil super producer trying to capitalize on the Beatles, and an investigative reporter.
A birthday cake (mine)
or two (Bryce's).
The crowning of my grandson as Prince of the 1st Birthdays.

Add a bout of gastric disturbance, a missed Spoken Word Open Mic, a trip to the hospital to visit our former foster care resident who just had emergency surgery, a stop at K-mart to return some lawn chairs, and the movie Babel checked out from the library and you'll understand why the first thing I said to Joe upon waking up this morning was, "I'm dead meat."

More on these stories later. In the meantime, LOOK who came to Bryce's birthday party.


Love little Elmo... but it doesn't look like Bryce was that impressed.
I love how the cat on the card looks wild as if he is going to pounce right into your cake!

Sounds like lots going on in Floyd, as usual. Hope you're feeling much better!

Bryce was a little spooked by Elmo.

And the cat had a (computer) mouse it its bag!

Fun, Fun, Fun in Floyd...........wish I was there with you guys. xo
PS I love watching the videos of Byrce. It feels like I know him and I haven't even met him yet.

That's the beauty of the internet. You should see all the videos and photos I have to choose from. You don't see half of it but I'm so glad it helps to make Bryce familiar to you, Sherry. I feel that way when I come home, less out of touch and already caught up because of the lovelink/email.

Remember when our kids used to say "dead meat?"

Great birthday cake!

And is that guy thrivalist guy really bearded like that? It almost looks like he's wearing a false wig and beard for a stage role!

He's got dreadlocks.

and where is your birthday hat hee heeh sandy

what a beautiful cake!!!

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