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Floydfest 09: Wish You Were Here

1. This is the photo that inspired the above title because I can easily imagine it as a captioned postcard from Floydfest. It's of my sister Tricia, her husband Dan, and sons Matthew and Patrick who came from Massachusetts for the festival this year. We had just finished visiting the hospitality tent after a golf cart tour of the 80 acre festival site, compliments of my husband Joe, who heads up the onsite parking.
2. What other festival has biodegradable vegetable based cups and utensils, freshly juiced carrot juice, a toaster for making peanut butter and jelly toast for your kids, and soft freeze vanilla sherbet over pineapple cake for dessert available in the VIP tent? After lunch we chilled out and soaked up the ambiance in this hospitality lounge, complete with a green grass carpet.
3. Besides knowing the science of palmistry, Joanne is a wise woman at interpreting the lines and features of the hand and presenting what she sees in a balanced and helpful way. I seek her out whenever I have someone visiting from out of town who wants a reading and here she was right at the festival for Tricia's first (of which she was very impressed with).
4. On our way to the Global Village to check out the hammock village for day lounging and star gazing at night, I snapped this picture of a line of campers waiting for a shower. We live five minutes from the festival site off the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I've never had to test a Floydfest shower out.
5. Here's Trish and Patrick hooping to The New Familiars in the Dance Tent (video HERE). Trish was convinced that she couldn't do the hula hoop so she made it seem harder than it really is. The hoops are weighted and easier to use than the ones we grew up using in the late 50's when the craze first became popular.
6. We caught William Walter & Company on the Streamline Hill Holler Stage. Video clip HERE. Watch for the Tony the Tiger appearance.
7. I had been admiring the paper parasols when I spotted this girl standing next to Asa Pickford's new fountain sculpture, which I was also admiring. Asa went to Blue Mountain School (Floyd's parent run cooperative) with my son Josh years ago.
8. Old Floyd friends reunite at Floydfest each year. This is Gaia Yard, the source of the parasols! Gaia, who is part of the Woodsong Community, works the Renaissance Faires with the rest of her family (as does Joanne) and has a Floydfest booth. Here she's braiding a girl's hair.
9. New faces also turn up at the festival. This one is of a llama from "Lost World" Farm. I asked the owner if they also had dinosaurs on his farm. No, but he also he did bring a camel. I tried to get a picture of it, but it didn't come out very well, so I'll try again tomorrow. Say Lovely! (Cest la vie).

More Floydfest 8 REVIVAL photos are HERE and HERE.


Excellent pictures. It looks like so much fun. I sure do with I was there!! xo

You're on for next year!

Maybe some day...who knows/.

Thanks Colleen for the pics. Helps me feel like I'm there.

What fun! I want to go now!

Glad I found you at the Meet n' Greet.

If I'd gotten to read this before I would've gone to visit Joanne and let her read me. I haven't done it in a long time. I am surprised I didn't see you earlier but I am so glad I did get to see you at Donna! I hate I was running for cover! What a great festival. We had the best time ever. But I hope they limit the tickets to the numbers yesterday. Any bigger and it is going to change things I'm afraid. Our friends were stuck at the entrance to park by the winery 45 minutes and then they still had the long wait for the shuttle. Martin and I picked folks up any time we had to head in or out. But just what an awesome weekend!

So glad I grabbed a quick hug! I also ran into Amy and Delane and got another one! Mara and Joe and I held out throughout the rain for Donna. I felt like Jeb played the sky clear and then a rainbow appeared. The highlight was Trish and I getting onstage to dance and get up close (compliments of Joe). Trish thought she was all powerful because she clap a certain way and people in the audience copied her!

I'm headed back up now. Matthew and Pat went to break boards for the martial arts teacher in the CU.

Joanne is excellent. I have had a lot of lame readings too, so I know.

coming for the carrot juice i only wish

Loved dancing with you, Colleen. Can't wait to see the rest of your photos!

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