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Floydfest 09: Everybody Had a Good Time, Everybody Saw the Sun Shine

1. After Donna the Buffalo's Jeb Puyear sang the torrential rains away with some shamanistic good licks and lyrics about the river of love and mystic waters, the sky cleared to blue on Saturday afternoon and the crowd returned for the band's rousing set. My sister Trish and I spent some time on stage in the VIP seating area (but we didn't sit for long). She felt all-powerful when every time she changed her arm movements and clapping rhythms some people in the audience followed her lead. Video clip of the band doing Blue Sky HERE and a close-up jam HERE. You might be able to spot Trish's 13 year old son Matt in the audience on Joe's shoulders.
2. Mara, Joe, and I stuck it out dancing through the half hour hard rain. Zipped up in a over-sized black raincoat and hood that Joe handed to me, I felt like a dancing Ninja spinning moves and flaying my arms. This is Mara and her daughter Kyla in dry clothes the next day. I didn't dare take out my camera in the rain.
3. I know the festival theme was REVIVAL but it was a FAMILY AFFAIR (last year's theme) in the VIP tent when Dylan, Alexis, Kaylee, Bryce and Uncle Josh joined Joe and me for a four star meal served on paper and eaten with compostable vegetable wares.
4. Bryce (hairdo by big sister Kaylee) was very interested in the coolers full of drinks, opening and closing them, digging out ice, and watching Floydfest staff fill them. He also had fun dancing and eating peanuts with Poppa Joe in the hospitality tent HERE.
5. Speaking of hairdos, our friend Steve joined us for lunch and drew a lot of attention for his new do (not).
6. Remember that camel from Friday's post? It's an endangered Bactrian. Its owner from Lost World Farm had hoped to offer rides but the camel wouldn't cooperate with the grassy incline on the edge of the road.
7. Although they couldn't ride it, kids did feed the camel and were happy to ride the llamas, also from Lost World Farm.
8. Because it was Bryce's first Floydfest, we spent a lot of time in the Children's Universe. This is Josh with Byrce inside the playground ark.
9. Kaylee got a face painting by Yarrow Yard. The face painting documentary is HERE. We all got some shade in Joe's golf cart.
10. Trish and her sons (Patrick and Matthew) and me in a pose reminiscent of Donna the Buffalo's Blue Sky ... My, my, my, everybody gets by ... Everybody gets high on love ...

Post note: More photos of Floydfest 8 REVIVAL HERE and HERE.


Awesome pics!!! It looks like so much fun. xo

You must have been in heaven with family Love all around.
Bryce is a cutie!!! Poo, I missed Josh.

Between your pictures and Deana's, it really gives one a GREAT "Feel" for what it was like there......Thanks so much, Colleen! Bryce is growing soooo fast!

blue sky lights up the universal day
the sun still sinking in its usual way...

my my my everybody gets high
on love love love everybody gets high

Even though it is good to be home, I'm already missing the porch and all of our good times in Virginia! Love, Trishxo

"Porch is good!" I miss you too Trish. It was all magical.

Here's the whole chorus, Mara:
My, my, my, everybody gets high
On love, love, love, everybody gets high
My, my, my, everybody gets by
Everybody gets high on love

And here's the chorus to John Lennon's "I've Got a Feeling," which the title was drawn from:

Everybody had a hard year
Everybody had a good time
Everybody got a wet dream,
Everybody saw the sunshine
Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah
Everybody had a hard year
Everybody got their feet down
Everybody let their hair down
Everybody pulled their socks up

That is one of my favorite songs by Donna. I had hoped I would be out dancing to that one but was loving my front row hanging over the fence spot in the Magic Hat tent (basically I didn't want to throw away another beer so I danced there) That night I dreamed I was laughing and dancing and taking snapshots from my fun spot when someone grabbed me and asked me to stop and it turned out I was in a refuge camp leaning over a fence NOT having fun at FF. Crazy dreams!

PS- I know Mara thought I was odd probably for waving at her like a crazy person but I love it when she guest stars on your blog and she reminds me so much of my own best friend that I was just very excited to see her! You always feel like you know people from blogging!

Thanks for the pics, Colleen...

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