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He Gets Around the Playground

He gives kisses now and has stopped throwing sand in his hair. He trusts the people in his life and is confident enough to take some risks. Swings make him feel trapped in but he can't get enough of the slide! Watch the video clip HERE.


You become a little mini-physchologist and child development specialist when you can see them grow and change each meet.

He is just darling!! I know you can't keep your hands or lips off of him!

I love that he likes to play rough/wrestle cause that's when I can sneak in some kisses and tickles.

You are not in love with this little fellow... oh, no... not one bit.... Wink, Wink.
He is so adorable, how could you not be proud and happy and bubbly and just want to squeeze him all the time!!!

He certainly is a cutie!!!
I am jealous Trish gets to meet him before me. xo
PS Give him a big kiss for me. xo

I thought of you when I put this post up, She, because I know the pictures and videos make you feel like you have met him!

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